Snow Days

by Emily Frances

February has always felt like the sleepiest of months. There’s no rush to tie up loose ends or start anything new. Everywhere are signs of time’s having slowed: in holiday decorations yet to be boxed up; in cars, snow-entombed for weeks, yet to be shoveled out. A florist’s window arrangement — the emergence of red, pink, and white flowers — is one form of proof that days are going by, and a sudden, unanticipated step, ankle-deep, in a pooling lagoon of street-corner slush offers irrefutable evidence that snow and ice do melt.

On Monday, in freezing temperatures, firefighters continued to douse a CitiStorage facility near the Williamsburg waterfront that had caught fire the previous Saturday.

Emily Frances is a documentary photographer and teaching artist based out of Queens, NY. Her work has been published by the University of Chicago Press, American Express, and OffMetro.

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