Taking it to the Streets

Photos by Anna Gianfrate

Energized by freedom from schoolwork and drawn out of homes by the streetside squeals (and text messages) of friends, Brooklyn’s children, in the summer months, bound down stoops and dash onto pavement, with soccer balls, checkerboards, and pool toys in tow. On a recent weekend, I patrolled the borough’s blocks, on the lookout for kids doing what they do best.

Children in Bay Ridge play a game of Carrom.

A young boy cycles meanderingly.

A game of Nok Hockey spans generations.

Pick-up soccer on 61st St.

A game of basketball at Martinez Playground in Williamsburg.

Soaked-through at Greenpoint’s Ericsson Playground.

Catching spray from a fountain at Coney Island.

Anna Gianfrate is a freelance photographer. Originally from Italy, she now lives in Williamsburg.

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